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Tehri State Co-operative Bank has launched SMS Alert service for the customers, which will enable customers get reminders of loan EMI and stay updated on account transactions anywhere and at anytime. SMS Alert service provides instant notification about transactions as and when it happens. It helps customer to keep a watch on his/her account with a round the clock service. Every debit or credit in customer’s account over a limit desired by customer is intimated by SMS. Now with SMS Alert service, customers are always in a position to detect unauthorized access to his/her account.

Way to avail SMS Alert service:
  • If you are not registered with SMS alert go to the branch.
  • Fill up SMS alert service form.

Automatic Alerts:
  • Messages are sent for each Credit and Debit to your account above a specified threshold limit.
  • Reminders of loan EMIs are sent to customers via SMS before payment date.