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About Bank

About Bank

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Tehri Garhwal Zila Sahkari Bank LTD. Tehrigarhwal is a central financing agency of all affiliated co-operative societies in Tehri district, which is popularly known as "Tehri DCB" and is registered under MCS Act in the year 1949, with the registration no.29 and started its functioning on 10th of July 1949, since there is no agriculture production in this District. Tehri DCB is catering to the financial needs of non agricultural co-operative societies such as Urban co-operative banks, Urban co-operative credit societies, Employees co-operative credit societies, Housing co-operative societies, Co-operative consumers stores, Industrial, fisheries and labour co-operative societies etc.

In India, an integral part of the policies formed by the Co-operative movement is focused on the development of the country, upliftment of poor and propagation of principle which represents the very socio-cultural ethos of the country. Co-operative movement has enabled us to develop the economy and to bring social change at large. The success of the co-operative depends largely on their ability to face the challenges by converting these challenges into opportunities of growth and development in the fast changing liberalized economic era. The Indian co-operative movement is so far the largest movement in the world. In India co-operatives operate in almost all important sectors i.e. agricultural, agro-processing, fertiliser, marketing, credit, dairies, spinning, handloom and handicrafts, sugar, fisheries, banking, etc.

Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. The co-operative principles are the guidelines by which co-operatives put their values into practice. The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in its centennial conference held in Manchester in September 1995 approved and adopted seven basic principles of Co-operation.

  • Voluntary and Open Membership

  • Democratic Member Control

  • Member Economic participation & Control

  • Autonomy & Independence

  • Education, Training & Information

  • ECo-operation among Co-operation

  • Concern for Community

  • Availability of all types of banking facilities and loans for agriculture, agricultural / business etc.

    Credit limit for consumer durables, vehicle purchase, trade and building and loan facility on state securities.

    Availability of loans to salaried employees through their cooperative societies and facility of CCL to teachers.

    Under Deendayal Upadhyaya Cooperative Farmers Welfare Scheme, loans up to one lakh to members of small / marginal / BPL families.

    Tehri Garhwal District Co-operative Bank is the solution to your concern. Located at select branches in cities, our lockers ensure the safe keeping of your valuables. Advantages. Locker rent is charged annually and rent is payable in advance,Choose from a range of locker sizes ­ Small, Medium, Large and Ext.

    Control and supervision of Reserve Bank of India, NABARD and State Government.

    General diversification of funds to committees under Circular C-15 of Registrar / Credit Facility of CCL etc. through committees.

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    Facility of core banking system, All branches of banks are equipped with CBS facility, Attractive interest rates on non-denominations, Control and supervision of Reserve Bank of India, NABARD and State Government...

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